Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Am Loving Right Now

  • My belly.  I really do, I LOVE being pregnant!
  • Oxy Clean Max Force (if you have kids, this is a must!  No stain stands a chance!!)
  • Bruno Marrs.  He is present at all of our morning dance parties :)
  • My Boppy total body pregnancy pillow....why did I not have one of these when I was preggo with Harrison?!?  It is wonderful!
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom.  There is a Petunia Pickle bottom diaper bag at Von Maur with my name all over it!!!!
  • Matt's sweatshirts.  Yes, I have become the typical stay-at-home pregnant wife wearing my husbands clothes.  Unfortunately (or I guess fortunately), I have a very fit hubby so the only thing of his I can pull off is his sweatshirts.  I thought he was supposed to gain weight with me :)
  • Harrison's 3 hour naps. 
  • Watching my belly move.  I LOVE to lay on the couch, pull up my shirt and enjoy the show.  Harper has surprised me in that she seems to be just as active as her brother was in there.  I am starting to get a little nervous about the energy level of my two sweet peas!!
  • Modern Family.  Oh my, how we love this show!  Every week Matt and I find ourselves rolling as we watch this fantastic comedy.  Hands down my favorite show!!
  • The Grocery Game.  Staying home has given me the time to work on being a coupon queen, and I could not do it with out the help of this amazing website.  Every grocery visit is a challenge to see how much I can save.  And yes, I now shop with a list, coupons, and a calculator.  I take my job as a domestic goddess (Thanks Viv :) VERY seriously!!
  • Play Groups.  This is something I originally thought would be fun for Harrison, but quickly learned they are just as much for me as for him.  I love the precious mommies I get to mingle with and the advice and parenting tips I pick up from them is priceless.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful moms who are willing to share their successes, frustrations, and even failures.  We are one big support group and I LOVE IT!! 
  • Aveda Bliss Oil.  I have always had thick hair. but this little dudette has given me lioness status with these tresses.  My hair is so huge right now, it takes quite some time (and quite a bit of product) to get it under control.  I am an Aveda lover and this oil works miracles!
  • Cottage Cheese and pineapples.  This has been my number one pregnancy craving with Harper.  I eat it on a daily basis.  For those of you scrunching your nose in disgust, don't knock it before you try it!!


Jesse said...

from one domestic goddess to another: you are so beautiful, pregnancy looks amazing on you and i love your positive outlook! you are going to be so great with two kiddos!!! viv

Mommy Webb said...

I had no clue Von Maur had Petunia Pickle Bottom bags! Now I'm in trouble. Oh, and I am wearing one of Lee's long sleeved t-shirts as I write this comment:).

Stephanie said...

I never thought I liked petunia pickle bottom bags till I saw some in person at a shower this weekend - adorable!

and we also love modern family... even picked up a name I LOVE from the show to use if we have a boy. Though I'm still convincing Nick it's the right choice!

melissaballard said...

i LOVE cottage chees and pineapples! I may have a new craving now. We love modern family too! So funny! What is this Petunia Pickle Bottom? I'm going to have to investigate. You look beautiful, Danielle!

Halee said...

I figured out how to do the What I'm Loving Wednesday picture! I'm following your blog now :)