Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seventeen and Spunky

  1. You LOVE animals.  Mommy is teaching you different kinds of animals and the noises they make using magnets on our fridge.  You love sheep and saying "baaaaaa", but your favorite animal is Reese our kitty cat.
  2. You are starting to try to repeat a lot of the words said to you.  You already have several words you use on a daily basis, but you are quickly learning more (this morning you said "Apple Juice"!!)
  3. You think it is soooo funny when you burp or hear someone else burp.  So funny, in fact, that you fake burp and then you laugh at yourself.  I should tell you no, but it is so cute and somehow infectious.  You have everyone around you fake burping just to hear your precious laughter.
  4. You give good kisses.  You pucker up just like a fish and wait to be kissed.  I think your favorite kisses come from daddy because you ask him the most (and he doesn't mind at all!)
  5. You have been going to the nursery at church for over a year now, but just in the last month you have started to cry when we drop you off.  Daddy and I watch you from the window to make sure you calm down.  I hate to leave you crying, but you are in there with your friends, and last week you learned how to say "Jesus" and "Bible"!!!
  6. You said bye-bye to your high chair.  That's right, you think you are too big and now demand to sit at the table with Daddy and me.  We bought you a special booster seat to meet your demands.
  7. You will only eat if you can feed yourself.  You have mastered the art of eating with a fork and spoon. 
  8. You have always looked like your daddy, but now you look JUST like your daddy!  You just got your second haircut and even daddy can't believe how much you look like him!
  9. You are one curious little boy!  You are constantly getting into drawers and closets pulling out items and studying them intently.  Daddy has often said maybe you will be an engineer.
  10. Breakfast is your favorite meal.  You eat a scrambled egg almost every morning with fruit (your favorites are blueberries and raspberries) and sometimes you aren't finished and want a little yogurt too!
  11. You LOVE to talk on the phone.  I am constantly putting the other person on speaker phone so that you can participate in the conversation and somehow you manage to walk off with the phone dominating the conversation.  Thank goodness for you, everyone that calls me doesn't mind talking to you too :)
  12. You are still a dance machine.  You dance anytime you hear music!  My favorite is when we are in the kitchen having our morning dance parties and you discover yourself in the reflection of the oven.  You dance with yourself and think it is hysterical!  Your favorite song right now is Vampire Weekend's "Holiday".  It makes me smile just thinking about how excited you get when that song is played.
  13. You love Sesame Street and I let you watch it everyday.  It is a whole hour long, but that doesn't seem to bother you.  You don't know the words, but you love to sing along to Sunny Days, Abby's Flying Fairy School, and Elmo's world.  Auntie Chelsea bought you your very own Elmo and he is your favorite stuffed animal (we even brought him along to your surgery :)
  14. You are officially a toddler....Temper Tantrums and all!!!  Yes, you my precious boy, have a very mean streak in you.  You show no mercy to your victims, and you also do not discriminate with who you chose to have a tantrum with.  You make sure to include all of the pleasantries associated with a tantrum (throwing yourself on the ground, screaming and crying, pulling hair, scratching, hitting) but somehow you come out of them still very loved, even by those you have just attacked.
  15. You still love my hair.  You cling to it when you are nervous or scared about what is happening, but you also like to twirl it when you get sleepy.  Unfortunately for me, it has also become one of your war tactics and mommy is seriously tender headed....Not cool little man.  Not cool.
  16. Daddy noticed a few weeks ago that when you play by yourself, you like to sing little songs.  You don't use words, you just blabber away to an unknown tune.  It is so adorable, but every time I try to secretly video tape you you notice me and stop immediately.  I really hope I can catch it one day!
  17. You are becoming more and more independent everyday.  I know it is part of growing up, but it is sad for me when you do not want my help.  You have even stopped letting me carry you places (which is probably good timing since sissy is getting so big in my belly). 
 You make Mommy and Daddy smile every day.  We can not get enough of your huge personality, you are seriously one funny little person.  We also like to go into your room every night to watch you as you sleep so peacefully.  We love you more than you will ever know.  Here are some pictures from our trip to the park yesterday.  You certainly are daddy's little wanted nothing to do with me :(  Apparently I was just there to be your photographer (and I was ok with that).

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Mommy Webb said...

What awesome pictures! I remember the separation stuff fears that seem to happen at that stage, but fortunately they are only temporary. I wish I could say the same about the occasional tantrum;).