Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm becoming a pro (at this pregnancy thing)

Here I am with both of my babies, Harrison (left) and Harper (right), at 24 weeks.  I was curious how I compared in size because I feel smaller so far with Harper....and I am hoping that means I do not have another 9lb baby.  Here are some things I have noticed about my pregnancies:
  • I was much more sick with Harper than Harrison (Harper required daily Zofran for 3 weeks)
  • I have gained less weight this time around (at this point with Harrison I had gained far I have only gained 12 with Harper)
  • I have not started swelling....yet :)  With Harrison, my coworkers joked that I was baking bread in my shoes (and that probably had something to do with me wearing heels until I was 8 months pregnant!)
  • With Harrison I had a MAJOR milk craving.  I drank almost a half a gallon a day.  With Harper, no cravings as strong, but I do eat a lot of cottage cheese and pineapples.
  • Harper seems to be just as active as her brother.  Her kicks are just as strong and frequent, but I felt her much later than Harrison.  I felt Harrison at 14 weeks, but did not feel Harper until 19.
  • My hair....oh man.  With both pregnancy my hair almost doubled in thickness.  I get so many compliments, but it is so much harder to manage.
  • With Harrison my skin was perfect.  I was even told I had that "Glow".  With Harper, I can not live without my MAC Studio Fix powder.  My face does not know how to handle all of this estrogen!
  • Charlie Horses come with both girls and boys I have learned :(
  • Decorating a room for a little girl was much more "stressful" than a boy.  Too many possibilities.
  • I have been sleeping great....but that didn't really come into to play with Harrison until week 34 or so.
  • I am not as anxious this time around.  Especially about the delivery.  With Harrison I did not know what to expect.  With Harper, I am having a scheduled c-section (not by choice, but because my delivery with Harrison required an emergency c-section) so there will be no unknowns to stress over. 
  • Time is flying by with the second pregnancy.  It is so hard for me to believe that I will be 7 months next week!!
Even though I am loving this pregnancy, I can not wait for her to make her grand debut.  I am so excited to add this little life to our family and see the joy she adds to our lives.  I could not be more thrilled that Harrison will be a big brother.  I can not wait to watch the love of this brother and sister blossom and grow over a lifetime together.  It is my prayer that they will love and protect each other.  Be there for one another, especially when Matt and I will no longer be.  Be friends, sharing a lifetime of laughs and memories.  I know the joy my sisters have brought to my life, and I can only pray that my children will be able to experience that kind of love and friendship. 


Lisa said...

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Sue said...

Hey Danielle! You should compare a couple of hospitals to see how they handle c-sections. Tiffany was able to deliver Zoey naturally after 2 ..... yes, two... c-sections. Zoey was delivered in VT and Tiffany actually contributed to medical history for having a v-back after 2 c-sections. They were prepared to take Zoey c-section if necessary, but she was able to deliver her naturally! Also, charlie horses are a sign of dehydration or not having enough water. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the daytime!

Jessica said...

how sweet!!! they will love and care for one another if you teach them to and make them. That was the BEST advice I was given. A woman had these two little kids (boy and girl) and they adored one another. I said "what is your secret? you're kids care so much for one another." The giggled and said "i make them." I didn't understand until I gave birth to Anna. I had to teach Paul to care for his sister and as she has grown vise versa. His first little job to care for his sister was to put her pacy back in her mouth when she spit it out and to "check" on her while she took a nap. They have their moments of jealousy but I sit them both down and explain that they are to love and care for one another..... not fight. They love telling people that they are "BEST FRIENDS" because I have instilled that in them. :)

The best part of having two children close together is that they always have a little friend!!! Paul and Anna have been playing together ALL MORNING... no fights!!! I have gotten to READ. yes, READ!!! it is awesome!!!!

The first year with 2 little ones is a bit of an adjustment but it gets better and better and better!!!!!