Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 Month Check Up

Harper official hit the two month mark on July 23rd, but because we were out of town she had her two month check up on Monday.  I knew this girl was getting big, but I have to be honest in saying I was speechless when the doctor gave me her stats.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we officially have a little porker :)  My sweet girl weighs in at 13 pounds 6 ounces (3 ounces more than her brother at that age)...this puts her in the 97th percentile for weight.  She is 23 and 1/4th inches long landing her in the 80th percentile.  The doctor was pleased with her progress and reassured me I was not feeding her too much.  I was concerned since I basically feed her on demand, but even though I let her call the shots she only eats every three to four hours.  She is sleeping beautifully, our only issue is that she is a bit of a night owl and would like to stay up late and sleep in late.  I can not say that I mind since Harrison usually sleeps until 9:30 so I enjoy some nice quiet time in the mornings! 

Harper's personality is certainly developing as quickly as her rolls :)  This girl has the most contagious, gummy, drooly smile.  She also has the loudest, most piercing cry you have ever heard.  She is a happy camper as long as things are going her way.  She coos, squeaks and grunts and most definitely loves to vocalize her feelings....I'm just chalking that up to the estrogen in her. 

Harper's first trip to the beach!!

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