Sunday, August 7, 2011


July 30th was spent with 60 other Lovejoys at George's home in Maine.  George and his family oozed hospitality and made sure each one of us had a day to remember.  For my dad, the day was unforgettable because he had his family together (his parents, sisters, wife, and all four daughters) to visit.  For Harrison, the day was unforgettable because there was a pool, countless toys, and an inflatable jumper.  For me, the day was unforgettable because I got to visit with family the I only see once a year, took pictures of my grandparents with their great grandchildren, and I had access to a pack-n-play and a baby monitor for the first time in a week :)  Thanks Kelly!!

If you can't tell from the pictures, there is some serious pride in our name.  We Lovejoy's love our name.  From tattoos, to jewelry, to cakes it was a day all about us. 

Here are some pictures from Lovejoypalooza 2011

Get it??? Heart = Love ; Smiley Face = Joy


All of the cousins!!

My dad's sisters and the girls

It wouldn't be a Lovejoy function without something political :)

Yes, we all have matching watches thanks to Granddad
I had these necklaces made for my mom, sisters and me.  I love it!!!

Ok, just kidding about the knuckles....You can seriously Google Image Search ANYTHING!!!

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Jesse said...

what a fun family!!! glad you had so much fun!