Thursday, August 11, 2011


Harrison and Walker have enjoyed some serious play time lately and I could not be happier about it.  My little boy is learning what it means to have a friend.  He is learning how to share, apologize, share, take turns, and did I mention share?  Yes, I know that "mine-i-tis" is a common disease among two year olds, but I am hoping that play dates will be the perfect solution to this nasty "mine" bug.  Have any of you seen Finding Nemo?  You know the seagulls...."mine. mine. mine. mine"  Yup, that is what it is like living with a two year old.  I am so thankful for Walker's mommy (Ms. Rachie) who reminds me constantly that my son is not so evil and that he is in fact normal :)  Sometimes that is all a momma needs to hear!

Can you feel the love?  And yes, at my house we stand on furniture :)

Check out these pretty girls.  Walker's little sister Warren is only 4 days younger than Harper and I could not be more excited about an "arranged friendship".  These little ladies are future BFFs!


Mommy Webb said...

Can I just copy this post and paste it on my own blog;)? I love spending time with you and the kiddos. It's good for them...and good for us too!!!

The Shamblins said...

Oh I love it! Another little Walker! Harper is just too cute!

Jesse said...

love it. we stand on furniture too :) playdates soon?? viv