Saturday, August 20, 2011

Auntie Lolo is gettin hitched!!

Time to be honest.  When I got a text message a week ago with a picture of a diamond that was purchased for my Lauren, I was overwhelmed with emotions.  I was elated that she has found such a sweet love with Matt (yes, her soon to be hubby's name is Matt as well :).  I was overwhelmed with wedding planning joy.  I was heartbroken that this meant she was going to be leaving me.  Selfishly, I wanted her to find a man that lived here in our small little town.  I wanted her to buy the house down street and live happily ever after as sisters, best friends, and neighbors.  I knew that her loving Matt meant a life away from us because he is in the army and they may have many homes before finally settling in to one "home". 

I know that I blog about her alot on here, but I will never be able to convey what she truly means to me and my little family.  She is more than a sister, she is my best friend.  She is more than an Auntie, she is a second mother.  She is more than a sister in law, she is a hairdresser that indulges my husband in all things metrosexual.  You see, she isn't just a family member...she IS a part of our family.  I love her dearly and the next 7 months are going to be very bitter sweet for me.  I want nothing more than her happiness and Matt has proven over the last two years that his expertise is in making Lauren happy.  He loves her the way she deserves to be loved.  He will honor her and cherish her.  He completes her and to everyone who knows her, that is obvious in the way she smiles. 

So Lauren, I know you are reading this.  Please know that any tears shed (mine, mom's or anyone else's :)over the next few months are not tears of sadness or disapproval.  They are tears of selfishness and joy.  You are an irreplaceable little lady.  Your joy is infectious and your laughter contagious.  You are even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside (although some may argue that is not possible).  You are going to be blessed with a life full of love and laughter.  I can not wait for you to have babies of your own so that I can spoil them and start to return some of the "favors".

I love you.  I am so happy for you and I know that Matt realizes he is one lucky dude.  Harrison, little man, it is time to move over.....

Harrison: "Not sure how I feel about this...."

Lauren and her two loves. 
Matt: "Lauren, will you marry me?!?"
Harrison: "Lauren, will you play with me?!?"
Uhh, kind of an obvious choice Lauren :)

Matt getting Harrison's seal of approval

Harrison: "Seriously dude, we are cool."



lsamples said...

This proves how blessed Lauren is to have you! Blessings to all at this bittersweet time!

Carissa said...

Congrats to Lauren! I was so touched by this post. Funny thing, I just posted about my sister being my best friend! There is no stronger bond! Thanks for sharing!