Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Auntie Coco

Harper FINALLY got to meet her Auntie Coco.  Courtney flew all the way from Alaska to join us on our family vacation to New Hampshire.  What a precious moment is was when we got off the plane and Courtney met her niece for the very first time.  Courtney. Was. In. Love.  Don't worry, she by no means ignored Harrison....let me reassure you.  My children are so spoiled when it comes to their aunties!!!

Courtney even took the time to show Harrison some of her stellar yoga moves.  Yeah, that is right.  Courtney can do a hand stand.  I didn't catch the final pose with my camera because a certain 2 year old was trying to copy her every move!!!

Did I mention she tried to offer me money for my baby girl?!?  I love you Court,  but not that much ;) 

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Mommy Webb said...

The picture of them doing the yogo pose is hilarious! My dad showed Walker how to do downward dog, but he hasn't done it in a while. I miss you and those beautiful babes! Can't wait to hear about your trip:).