Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 Months Already

Oh baby girl....You are growing so quickly.  It is amazing to watch you change on a daily basis.  I can not even begin to tell you how much your sweet cheeks, chunky thighs and rolly polly arms melt my heart.  You are a brunette version of the Micheline Man :)  You have really mellowed out this month and I think a lot of that has to do with getting on a prescription for your reflux, and me being a little more careful of avoiding gassy foods.  You give huge drooly gummy grins and love to be talked to and snuggled.  You are still a big fan of the Moby and because of your growth spurt, I now carry you in the Kangaroo hold instead of the newborn hold.  You are sleeping 10 hours at night, wake up at 7am for a feeding and then go back to sleep until 10am.  When you are awake, you do not like being left in a room by yourself.  You love watching your brother dance around the living room like a crazy man and I think you are secretly hoping to join him in all the fun soon.  You smile the whole time you get a diaper change, quite the 180 from your new born days (thank goodness).  Your clothes are 3-6 month and you are now sporting 6 month sleepers and size 2 diapers.  You have had a very eventful week this week.  You turned three months old on Tuesday and to celebrate you rolled over for the first time.  And if that was not exciting enough, you laughed for the first time Wednesday!!  I absolutely love your precious little personality that is beginning to show.  Keep up the smiles and coos.  I'm kinda hooked on them!!  

You were over the photo shoot by this point.  Sorry, I had to remember this face too :)

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Mommy Webb said...

What a beautiful girl:). I love how much our girls have in common. Can you believe we are already 1/4 of the way through the first year.