Saturday, August 27, 2011

Douple Diaper Duty

Yup, having babies that are 20 months apart means lots of diapers for this stay at home momma.  On a typical day, I probably change anywhere from 12 to 17 diapers.  Having children that like getting their diapers changed makes my job a lot easier!  Harrison will come and tell me when he is ready for a change.  He holds my hand, leads me to his room, lies down on the floor and talks to me while I change him.  And Harper has recently made her way over from the dark side of diaper changes.  The child used to scream bloody murder with each change, but in the last month she now coos and grins during pit stops.  Let me tell you,  it makes my days a lot more enjoyable because let's be honest, diaper duty stinks!

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Jessica said...

sounds like harrison is ready for some big boy pants!! one of the first sings is asking to be changed. It took FOREVER to potty train Paul. I ad the double diaper duty as well. fun fun fun