Friday, August 26, 2011

23 Months

  1. You have lips and eye lashes that women would die for (and some pay for).
  2. You say "Yes Ma'am" when I tell you to do something.
  3. You give the most amazing bear hugs.
  4. When you want my attention (usually when I am talking to someone else) you put both hands on my cheeks, turn my face to yours and give me a big ol smooch.
  5. You say the sweetest prayers at night time and follow it up with a big AAAAAmen.
  6. You love to brush your teeth.
  7. You sleep on your belly with Elmo tucked under your arm.
  8. You love to do the "Hot Dog" dance (from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).
  9. When Harper is in her swing, you close the door, tip toe out, and tell me to "Shhhh".
  10. You are hands down the easiest kid ever to change a diaper.  You come tell me when you want to be changed, walk to your room, and lay down.  Thank you!
  11. You have an obsession with Jeeps.  I am in no way exaggerating this obsession.  This week, you wore one shirt 3 days in a row (I washed it while you were sleeping) because it has a Jeep on it.  You point out a Jeep everywhere we go whether it is a Wrangler, Cherokee, Liberty or a Rubicon (like what Pop has).  You LOVE Jeeps.
  12. You watch Jeep YouTube videos all the time.  (I am not kidding, you are obsessed).
  13. You think it is hilarious to fake sneeze.  Not sure how this started but you do a very loud "Ah ah ah CHOOOO!".  It is pretty cute :)
  14. You call Daddy "Matt".  When daddy gets home from work you yell "There's Matt!!"  (Daddy doesn't like it).
  15. You started talking up a storm this month.  A month ago you were hardly talking.  In just four short weeks, you are saying three word phrases.  The most common phrases: "There it is" "See more Jeep" and "Oh shoot".
  16. You love to be read to.  I read about 10 books a day to you, and if it were up to you it would be more.  Your favorites right now are The Very Quiet Cricket and Where The Wild Things Are.
  17. You are an awesome eater.  You eat veggies (you love lima beans) and fruit (blueberries are your fav) and whatever else I make for you to eat.
  18. We still have dance parties every morning in the kitchen.
  19. Your favorite song to sing is This Little Light Of Mine.
  20. You love your sister.  You give her kisses, talk to her, help burp her, console her when she cries, and make her laugh.  I think someday you are going to be very protective of her.
  21. Your favorite toys right now are trains, balls, a whoopee cushion, a baseball bat, and drums.
  22. Everyone compliments you on what a sweet loving boy you are.  You are very good at sharing the love :)   
  23. I have made you sound like the perfect toddler on here, and to be honest most of the time you are.  You are very laid back, happy as a lark, and listen very well.  However, I would be misleading if I failed to mention your tantrums.  Just like every other (soon to be) two year old, you can throw a mean tantrum.  Most of which occur when you are tired, or there is a jeep around that you can not get in.  It does not matter to me whether you are kicking a screaming or smiling and laughing, you are the most precious kid in the world.  I am pretty sure you know how loved you are.  We definitely hit the baby boy jackpot with you!

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